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Get Full or Partial Dentures in North Edmonton

You may have missing teeth naturally or have had them extracted. Either way, the loss of teeth can cause you to feel insecure. In some cases, gaps in your smile can cause teeth to shift and your facial features to change. Northgate Dental Centre can provide you with the full dentures and partial dentures Edmonton trusts to keep you looking young and feeling healthy. We ensure to provide affordable options to our patients, and our treatments are based on your bone structure, teeth sensitivity and allergic conditions. Rely on us for partial dentures in North Edmonton. We also offer other dental care services, including preventative dentistryroot canal treatments and teeth whitening.

Patients can avoid many of these problems with the help of dentures. In many cases, partial or complete dentures can stop shifting and secure the original jaw and face shape. Northgate Dental Centre offers dentures services in North Edmonton and the surrounding areas to help patients with these concerns. When you schedule a consultation, we’ll evaluate your needs and get you started with the process.

Dentures in Edmonton

You can expect the journey to include some or all of the following steps:


At your first appointment, we’ll assess the condition of your remaining teeth and take X-rays. Once we evaluate your condition, we’ll discuss your options. Most often, patients choose between:

  • Restoring teeth
  • Installing partial dentures
  • Extracting remaining teeth and installing full dentures

We will extend recommendations, but the final decision will be yours.


If you need to have teeth extracted, we can schedule surgery to do so.


In most cases, we will try to install the dentures immediately following surgery. The quick installation will allow you to leave with a full smile and allow the tissue to heal. A few days after the surgery and installation, we’ll have you in for an adjustment.


To see how you feel after surgery, we’ll schedule a post-op checkup. At this time, we’ll evaluate your healing tissues and perform any necessary adjustments.

Become familiar with your options for dentures in Edmonton

When it comes to replacing teeth, it’s essential to understand you have options. If you still have most of your natural teeth, you might consider a dental bridge or partial denture. These appliances attach to your remaining teeth and fill in the gap left by the missing teeth to complete your smile. Another option often used to replace a single tooth is a dental implant. The implant itself is a replacement tooth root, which is placed into your bone. An artificial tooth is then placed on top of the implant, creating a permanent restoration.

If you choose to get complete dentures, you can expect your appliance to last 5 to 7 years on average. The amount of time it takes to have your dentures ready will vary and is dependent on many factors, including your healing process. While the denture itself can be fabricated in a matter of weeks, you will likely need 6 to 8 weeks of healing time following extraction. To keep you from going without teeth, immediate dentures are available and can be placed the day your remaining natural teeth are removed.


Consult our dentists and get your partial dentures in North Edmonton. We will help you prevent your natural teeth from drifting. If you would like dentures in Edmonton as a solution to missing teeth, give us a call. Once we’ve secured your information, we will schedule a consultation and start the process.

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