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How to Prevent Yellow Teeth

Several factors contribute towards the yellowing of your teeth, such as diet, genetics and lifestyle habits. Yellow teeth can make you shy away from smiling in public. The good news is that there are several effective treatments available to whiten teeth. Northgate Dental Centre provides expert and affordable teeth whitening services to improve your smile. Our office […]

What Can I Do for Severe Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain is a symptom of problems related to your teeth or jaw. Severe tooth pain usually occurs due to tooth decay, cavity or tooth infection. Proper dental care is a must to prevent toothache. Northgate Dental Centre Ltd. provides complete dental care services, including oral hygiene, dentures and restorative dentistry in Edmonton. We ensure that our […]

Facts You Need to Know about Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures as it greatly improves how your teeth look. Most dentists offer it, and you may have to repeat the procedure from time to time to maintain the effects. At Northgate Dental Centre Ltd., we provide teeth whitening, root canal treatment and preventive dentistry. With over 30 years of […]

What Are the Symptoms That You Need a Root Canal?

Generally, you may experience acute pain when the decay has advanced. At that point, there is a good chance that you may need a root canal treatment. Regular visits to the dentist help identify tooth decay, and they will help you decide on a solution. At Northgate Dental Centre Ltd., we have a dedicated family dentist who will […]

Teaching Kids About Dental Hygiene

According to the Canadian Dental Association, you should start brushing your kids’ teeth as soon as their first tooth appears. It’s also recommended that children have a hand in their own dental hygiene as soon as they can hold a toothbrush. By teaching kids to maintain good oral health habits, you’re setting them up to […]

What is gum disease, and how can I prevent it?

One of the reasons oral hygiene is so important is that it’s a key component of preventing gum disease, which is also known as periodontal disease. Not only is gum disease one of the most common dental problems, it’s also been linked to severe health issues like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. What is gum […]

Frequently asked questions about root canals

There aren’t many dental procedures that patients fear more than a root canal treatment. However, this fear is unwarranted because it isn’t a painful procedure and hurts less than an infected tooth can. Still, at Northgate Dental Centre, we understand that you may have some questions about undergoing this procedure for the first time. Here […]

Dentist approved kid snacks

One of your most important jobs as a parent is making sure your kids grow up healthy and strong. This means feeding them balanced meals and snacks that are good for their bodies and teeth. Why a balanced diet is good for oral health? The food you feed your kids supplies them the essential nutrients […]

Choosing a Dentist in North Edmonton

Have a toothache, need advice on your oral health routine, or require an emergency procedure? If you had a family dentist, you’d be on your way to recovery right now. Choosing a family dentist is a critical and personal choice. According to the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), you want a dentist “you can talk to, […]

Dentures: The Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth

Your mouth is a critical component of your overall health. However, when an accident, a disease, or poor oral health care has left you with only a few healthy teeth or none at all, then dentures may be an option to replace your missing teeth. At Northgate Dental Centre, we can address those gaps in […]

The Top 5 Advantages of Having a Family Dentist

An ounce of prevention is worth, well, you know how the saying goes. When it comes to your dental health, there is nothing better than prevention. Dental health issues often go undetected until there is a significant problem that requires uncomfortable and complicated treatment. Why put yourself through all that? Keep reading for the top […]

Tips for Your Child’s First Dental Visit in North Edmonton

Oral health care is rooted in prevention. It’s a good idea to take your child to a children’s dentist in Edmonton before any problems occur. According to the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), it’s recommended that children begin visiting a dentist within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or by the time children […]