If you, at least once, have felt the need to cover your mouth with your hand when smiling or talking to someone, you are not alone. While Canada consistently ranks as one of the best countries for the oral health of its citizens, it isn’t uncommon for adults to experience problems like a stained or yellowing smile, crooked or misaligned teeth, or even gum disease.

The good news is that you don’t have to live with these issues forever, most of which are easily solvable thanks to cosmetic dentistry! At the Northgate Dental Centre, we employ a variety of cosmetic dental treatments to restore your smile’s beauty and health – and boost your confidence!


What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is an umbrella term that refers to all dental treatments aimed at improving or restoring the appearance of your smile. Most cosmetic treatments are not emergency or essential procedures, and your dentist at the Northgate Dental Centre will guide you through the best options for your specific needs.

But beyond the aesthetic benefits, these procedures offer, cosmetic dentistry can restore important mouth functionalities, improve general oral health, and prevent future dental issues.


Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry encapsulates a wide range of procedures that aim to improve your teeth’ look. These include:

  • Inlays and Onlays – also known as indirect fillings, inlays and Onlays are an efficient solution to restore severe tooth decay
  • Veneers – Veneers are tailored, realistic-looking caps positioned over severely damaged teeth
  • Composite or enamel bonding – bonding procedures restore minor teeth damages, including chipped surfaces, minor cracks, and mild decay
  • Teeth whitening – usually performed after a dental cleaning, teeth whitening uses bleaching to restore a healthy teeth colour.
  • Invisalign and other braces – these treatments are used to fix gaps in between teeth or crooked teeth
  • Implants – dental implants are used when badly damaged teeth cannot be restored


The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Smile

With over 84% of the population being satisfied with their oral health, Canadians are world leaders regarding their oral health. According to recent studies, Canada consistently ranks among the best countries for low numbers of decayed or missing teeth and gum disease.

However, your oral health can change dramatically throughout your life, and if you have noticed that your smile’s look, feel, and health is declining, you should not think twice about contacting your dentist. Some of the cosmetic dentistry benefits you’ll be able to enjoy include the following:


Whiter Teeth

Beyond today’s growing trend, most people wish to have a whiter, brighter smile. That is why it isn’t surprising that the market for teeth whitening products is set to continue growing at a whopping 5% a year, reaching a global value of $10.6 billion by 2030. But despite how popular over-the-counter teeth whitening products might be, it is only through professional bleaching sessions at your dentist’s office that you can achieve natural-looking, healthier teeth.


A Better Eating Experience

Eating, biting, chewing, and talking are essential in our daily lives. Dealing with a crooked, missing, or chipped tooth can drastically impact your ability to perform these functions and cause pain and discomfort. Cosmetic dentistry solutions such as veneers and implants can help you resolve these issues and restore your mouth’s functionalities.


Straighter Teeth

Wearing braces might not be ideal for most people. However, living with misaligned teeth, gaps, or an overcrowded mouth can severely affect your overall health. Thanks to technological advancements, adults can benefit from invisible braces systems such as Invisalign to realign their teeth.


Healthier Gums

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry go well beyond a whiter smile! Treatments like enamel bonding, veneers, and dental implants can help restore the health of your mouth, thus reducing the risk of infections.

Cosmetic procedures are also a great way to prevent gum disease – a severe condition likely to affect over 70% of Canadians at some point during their lives!


Improved Confidence

If you struggle with low self-confidence, tend to hide your smile in public, or are experiencing pain and discomfort when eating or chewing, it is time to contact your dentist at Northgate Dental Centre.

Cosmetic dentistry is a great tool to restore the health and beauty of your smile – which can restore your self-esteem and confidence in social situations.


Book Your Initial Consultation with the Team at the Northgate Dental Centre

While cosmetic dental treatments primarily aim at restoring your smile’s look, they come with endless benefits that make them essential for the health of your overall mouth, general health, and mental well-being.

If unsure what procedure can serve you best, book your initial consultation with the specialized team of family dentists at the Northgate Dental Centre at 780-457-5800 – and take a step further towards your dream smile today!


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