Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures as it greatly improves how your teeth look. Most dentists offer it, and you may have to repeat the procedure from time to time to maintain the effects. At Northgate Dental Centre Ltd., we provide teeth whiteningroot canal treatment and preventive dentistry. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we customize dental plans tailored to address all your concerns.

Causes of Teeth Discolouration

Nobody wants to have teeth that are anything but sparkly white. There are, however, several factors that contribute to their discolouration, which are:

  • Particles such as pigmented residue from foods or drinks can build-up on the tooth enamel. This leads to extrinsic tooth staining. It is usually caused by regular use of tobacco products or drinking coffee, tea, wine or cola drinks too frequently. Even a few fruits and vegetables can cause discolouration of teeth.
  • The stain-causing particles sometimes work through the exterior of a tooth and accumulate within the enamel. This leads to intrinsic tooth staining.
  • The dentin of your teeth naturally yellows over time. The enamel covering the tooth becomes thinner as we age, which causes the dentin to show through. Thus, the teeth of most adults discolour with age.
  • Poor oral care hygiene (inadequate brushing or flossing), especially in children.
  • Any trauma or illness affecting enamel development in children.
  • Some medications can cause stains

Facts You Should Know Before Opting for Teeth Whitening

Here are a few factors that will help you understand what you can expect from the teeth whitening procedure:

It Does Not Damage Your Teeth

During the process, active ingredients are used to open pores in your teeth and remove stains temporarily. Professional teeth whitening is an incredibly safe procedure if performed correctly. Your teeth will re-mineralize and rehydrate naturally after each whitening session.

Method Used for Whitening

Most of the teeth whitening products available in the market use similar active ingredients to whiten your teeth. Opt for custom-fitted whitening trays as they ensure that every tooth receives even and consistent coverage.

Sensitivity after the Procedure

It is entirely normal for your teeth to become sensitive after whitening. This is because they become temporarily dehydrated after the procedure, which reduces their ability to insulate the nerve from temperature changes. The sensitivity usually disappears after 12-36 hours. Dentists generally recommend a fluoride treatment to nourish your teeth and promote rehydration. Some people may also experience mild gum irritation.

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