Brushing your teeth should be a part of everyone’s daily dental hygiene routine. Unfortunately, although dentists and other oral health care professionals always stress the importance of brushing your teeth, most people don’t brush their teeth nearly as often as they should.

Most people all make the same mistakes that hinder their oral health and cause more harm than good.

Luckily, these mistakes are simple to fix. All you need is a little bit of commitment and a better understanding of how brushing your teeth can improve your oral and overall health.


6 Common Mistakes You Probably Make When Brushing Your Teeth

1. Harder isn’t Necessarily Better

One of the most common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth is scrubbing too hard. Many people think that the harder they press, the better – but that’s not true.

Plaque is both loose and soft, so it is easy to wash or scrub off your toothbrush without pressing down. When you’re brushing your teeth, think of it as more of a massage than a scrub.


2. You’re Rushing

If you have yellow teeth or other oral health issues, it may be because you’re not taking your time when brushing your teeth. It would be best if you brushed your teeth a minimum of two times a day, for two minutes at a time.

If you are not brushing your teeth twice a day for a minimum of two minutes, we suggest changing up your routine. Use a timer to time how long you are brushing your teeth every morning and night, and always strive for the two-minute mark.


3. Use a New Toothbrush

Most people are holding on to their toothbrushes for way too long. So when should you change it?

When the bristles on your toothbrush start to change colours, or when they begin to look a bit bent, it’s time to replace it.

Be sure to replace your toothbrush at least once every three to four months. It would help if you also kept it in the open air to prevent mould or bacteria from growing when it is wet.

And remember: while sharing is caring when in most situations, but not when it comes to your toothbrush!


4. Direction Matters

As we mentioned above, when you’re brushing your teeth, think of it more as a massage than a scrub. Start from the gum and then go up and down. It would be best if you brushed in a circular up and down motion.


5. Don’t Forget the Gums

Bacteria likes to hang out on your gums, particularly where your teeth meet your gums. Most of us tend to miss our gums when we brush our teeth, so be sure to brush right along the gum at a 45-degree angle. Don’t forget to brush your tongue as well.


6. Play the Waiting Game

Do not brush your teeth immediately after you eat. Remember: acid buildup can erode your teeth. It would help if you waited for 15 to 20 minutes to give your saliva time to work on the acid in your mouth. You can also try rinsing your mouth with water to get rid of the acid buildup before you start bushing.


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